Tired of fundraisers that generate a lot of work and very little funds? Car Wash Plaza wants to lend a hand. Local churches, school clubs, and non-profit charities can contact us and find out how. Our goal is to support our community by helping raise funds for non-profit organizations and help the environment because wash affluent is captured instead of allowed to run into the storm drain or aquifer.

N. Idaho Call: (208) 660-3416

Spokane Call: (509) 496-5439

Saturdays - May 2018
5 Wandermere   Spokane Stealth Thor   Faith Family Bible
Lyons   Rogers HS Cheer Post Falls   open
Coeur d' Alene   open Argonne   Girl Scout Troop 3674
12 Wandermere   INW Diamond Dawgs Thor   Faith Family Bible
Lyons   Friendship Park Branch Post Falls   Genesis Prep Basketball
Coeur d' Alene   open Argonne   Spokane Valley High
19 Wandermere   Spokane Beard and Mustache Thor   Faith Family Bible
Lyons   Spokane Crash Post Falls   Post Falls Scouts
Coeur d' Alene   Cub Scouts 235 Argonne   Girl Scout Troop 3674
26 Wandermere   NW Christian Cheer Thor   LC Tigers Basketball
Lyons   Friendship Park Branch Post Falls   Classic Christian Academy Sr
Coeur d' Alene   NIRO Argonne   Spokane Marshallese Youth Group